eBook Games

eBooks are the digital format of a paper book.  eBooks can be downloaded from the Internet purchasing them through vendors like Amazon.  So eBook Games are simply games inside an eBook.  eBook publishers not only can add hyperlinks off their table of contents to go to all the chapters in their eBook but they can also add hyperlinks that open up a new Internet Browser page outside of the eBook.  View the video on this page: Getting the Free eBook Reader and Hyperlinks outside of an eBook for 2 examples of this. 

eBook Games are catching on since you don't just have to have a device such as an Amazon Kindle since you can read eBooks in your Free eBook Reader on your Desktop, Laptop or even smart phone. Currently FireFox, Chrome and Safari Internet Browsers have the free eBook Readers built into them. Microsoft Browsers let you download the free Amazon Kindle app. This means you can download your eBook Games instantly from web sites like: http://www.amazon.com , http://www.amazon.ca   , http://www.amazon.co.uk  or the Amazon web site for your country or the currency you operate in.  

Step 1:  Download the free eBook Cloud Reader click on this Free-Ebook-Cloud-Reader-Downloads link and getting the latest Internet Browser.

Step 2: Start up your FireFox, Chrome or Safari Internet Browser and go to sites like http://www.amazon.com , http://www.amazon.ca   , http://www.amazon.co.uk  or another Amazon web site, seect the Kindle Store category drop down selection, and enter text in the search text box such as:

What is Your Scene Hilarious Party Game, in the search box. 

Step 3: Click on the Book Cover image then Amazon will give you a link or a button to download it to your eBook Cloud Reader if you don't have an Amazon Kindle machine.  During your first purchase on Amazon they will ask for your email id and password and credit card if you buying an eBook costing over $0 (as some eBooks are for free during promotions). Your eBooks you buy from Amazon are stored on your Amazon account. So after you have made your first Amazon eBook purchase you can later click on http://read.amazon.com, enter your email id and password and log into your eBook Account on Amazon which is like a library of all the eBooks you bought from them. If you download the free Amazon kindle app to your smart phone, then do the previous sentence and you access your eBooks on your smart phone for free. Tons of fun!  Simple fast and very affordable!